Saturday, March 10, 2012


As I sit in bed, one night from heading out to Charlottesville, it hits me. I've known for a while that Zach wouldn't be able to come with me because he is right in the middle of running a really important research project for his phd, but it's not until right now that it REALLY hits me. For the past 6 years Zach has been by my side. He researches new Type 1 technologies, checks blogs for ways he can help me gain better control, and was the one who found this trial for me to participate in. Without him, I wouldn't be doing this, I wouldn't even know it was a possibility to be in a trial like this. He is and always will be my strongest supporter, and knowing that he can't be there with me is harder than I thought it would be. Every few months I have what is pretty much a complete melt down because the burden of managing my diabetes gets to me and brings me down. Zach has always been there to pick me up and help me to know that it's ok and that I wont have to do this forever. He was always certain of that long before I was. Now those melt downs are few and far between, especially since we know the technology is out there to ease that burden. And I get to test it out! I know that he is with me every single step of the way, even if it's from DC and I am so incredibly lucky.

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  1. Love you both a ton. I always thought he was a very special boy and son, but I can't express how reading something like this makes me so proud of what an incredible man he has grown in to. Here's to a new day for you both!