Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One more time

I can't say that anything remarkable occurred today in regards to my diabetes, but regardless it's still been a good day. Since this week is my spring break and I'm out here in Charlottesville, dad and I decided that we would do some tourist type things and drove out to Monticello, the house designed and lived in by Thomas Jefferson (you know, the house pictured on the back of the nickel). Usually history isn't my thing, but the trip turned out to be pretty neat, and it was 82 degrees without a cloud in sight and I couldn't have asked for a better vacation day. As usual I kept up with checking my sugar and continued managing my diabetes the same way I always have, and each time I checked my sugar, my dad almost instinctively asked "well, what do we have?", even in the middle of the night when I was almost 100% sure he was asleep he still asked (which startled me a little because I totally wasn't expecting any noise). I've always written my blog as someone who has diabetes themselves, and being in my position I can only begin to imagine what it must actually be like to be the parent of a child , regardless of their age, who has Type 1 Diabetes. My incredible boss and friend Elisabeth LaMotte has written a beautiful piece that I would like to share with you. Her daughter Charlotte Rose was diagnosed four years ago and shares the same daily struggles that I do with this disease.

Speaking of parents, while I sit writing this tonight in the bed and breakfast, someone knocked on the door, and it turned out that we had mail! My amazing, loving, supportive and thoughtful mom had mailed a card here to me and dad from NJ before we even got here to wish us lots of luck and love on this journey. She wasn't able to come with us this week but has been every bit as supportive as though she was right next to us the whole time. That card made my day, thanks mommy!!

Tomorrow I go back to the hospital for my second and final admission in this trial, and I am more than ready to go. This time I know pretty much what to expect, but I'm still anxious for two reasons. First because I am still really not a fan of the two IVs that need to go in my arms, no matter how great the nurses are (and they really are), I have a hard time getting over how gross it is. The second reason that I'm anxious is because I know that this is the last time for a while that I will get a break from my diabetes, that I will get to be truly carefree. But that's really not something I want to think about too much, I'd rather just enjoy it tomorrow!

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  1. Lesley, I as born in Roanoke, VA in 1939, and lived in the area until 1963. I attended Roanoke College and VA Tech. I think UVA and Tech are arch rivals in several sports.