Monday, March 12, 2012

Just perfect

I've got my hot pink velour pants, sensors galore under my skin, and a sweet fanny pack to carry all my equipment. Even my IV ports are pink! Updates coming soon!


  1. You look super tiny on that huge hospital bed!!

  2. Hi Lesley, I found your blog while doing research for UVA's family health magazine called Vim & Vigor. I'd like to mention your blog in the write-up below to appear in the Fall issue (out Aug. 2012) Let me know if that's Ok. You can reach me at Thanks, -Kelly Casey

    Smartphone for Type 1 Diabetics
    What do you get when you take a standard smartphone and reprogram it to automatically monitor blood sugar levels and provide insulin as needed? For type 1 diabetics, it means a portable artificial pancreas—and some day, a life without the pricks, sticks and worry that come with manually managing blood sugar levels.

    Such a handy device has been created by a University of Virginia School of Medicine team of researchers led by Patrick Keith-Hynes, PhD, and Boris Kovatchev, PhD. Early clinical trials of the device have shown promising results. One woman who participated in an inpatient trial at UVA shared her experiences. See her blog at (scroll to March 12, 2012, when her trial journey began).

    To further test the device’s safety and effectiveness, outpatient clinical trials in the U.S., including at UVA, are set to begin this fall.