Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good things come to those who wait

Living in this day and age, we are not strangers to the term "technical difficulties" and as with most things in life, the trials are no exception. That being said, I had to change my dates for the outpatient trial and will now check in at the hotel May 30th. This is something that I would have liked to have posted sooner but I had a bit of a family emergency and in my book, nothing is more important than family so my blog had to wait. In a way, needing to delay the outpatient trial has been fortunate because now I have the ability to offer what support I can to the rest of my family who has always been there to support me. And things are really starting to look up, so aside from the fact that I'm still the one running the show for my pancreas for the next couple of weeks and not the cell phone, I can't complain. And even though my outpatient trial has been pushed back a little, they have still begun! I invite you all to watch this short video of the very first outpatient Artificial Pancreas trials in the US.

Go ahead and try to not be excited. I dare you. It's impossible knowing that this technology is out there! This is monumental and I can't wait to be a part of it. 

On an unrelated note, this past weekend I officially became an AMERICAN UNIVERSITY ALUMNI!!! I wasn't sure I would ever make it but I worked my tail off and I've got to say, it feels good.

 Dad was in charge of the cake. Pure perfection.

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